Reframe: Day 3 (Shame)

Rejection terrifies me. One of the reasons I’m afraid of it is that for a long time, I have struggled with the notion that deep down, there is something dark at my very core. If someone rejects me, that means they see it and they KNOW. If they KNOW, soon everyone else will. And I... Continue Reading →

To the One Being Abused

Too often within Christianity, abuse is seen as a grey area. Should she just be more submissive? Is he feeling disrespected? What KIND of abuse are we talking about here? Is he really abusive, or is he just a jerk? These kinds of questions cast doubt on people who have already been conditioned to doubt... Continue Reading →

If I Told You I Was Abused

Abuse thrives in silence. It grows within the walls of shame. If I told you I was being abused, it was a big deal. Maybe you're being abused. Maybe you know someone in an abusive situation. Maybe it's both. There's a special kind of isolation that latches onto you when the person who is supposed... Continue Reading →

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