A Time to Side With Women Who have Experienced Abuse

Let's talk about how often women who are experiencing abuse are held responsible - or even blamed - for the abuse. Church, I'm talking to you. Let's talk about how much culpability women are actually given. I've heard it too often, that a certain type of woman chooses abusive men, or she sets herself up... Continue Reading →

A Time to Be Ripped Apart and Healed Again

I have heard that divorce is like a death, but without the final closure part. I have heard it being compared to an orange being ripped apart, with all of the juice and fleshy bits and pulp spilling out. It's a grotesque way to picture something as delightful as fruit.  There's a super cheesy movie... Continue Reading →

A Time to Air the Laundry

I've been living a half truth. I suspect many people are. It seems that it is a popular thing within our culture to not "air our dirty laundry." People call it oversharing (an ugly label). They say it's not socially acceptable to shamelessly wave certain life-bits around in people's faces and whatnot. We don't air... Continue Reading →

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