A Time to Examine Abusive Mindsets Within Christianity

In 1995, the University or British Columbia conducted a study on men who exhibited abusive behaviours [1]. What they found was that these men shared three core beliefs in common. These beliefs helped to support their own actions when it came to the power and control they maintained over their partner [2]. The men believed... Continue Reading →

A Time to Define “Authority” in Christianity

Some call it "spiritual authority" and others simply call it "authority." But within Christianity, many Christians view heirarchy as an integral part of their faith. It's a big deal. There appear to be different interpretations of what this actually is. I haven't figured out what the mainstream definition is. I'm not sure there even is... Continue Reading →

 A Time to Reconsider Doctrine 

I recently witnessed something that made my stomach turn. In an online christian group, a woman identified herself as a Jesus follower. She also identified some different theological views than the majority of the other group members. What happened next was basically online-lynch-mobbery: Christian style. There were a couple of others who shared her beliefs... Continue Reading →

A Time to Question Authority

Within Christianity, the idea of authority is spoken about feeely and often: authority in the church, authority at home, spiritual authority. Heirarchy, authority of one person over another person. But what does any of it even mean? I have heard it said that women cannot be pastors/leaders/teachers, because then these women would be in a... Continue Reading →

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