A Time to Know God’s Plan

How many times have you heard "God has a plan for your life"? Probably a lot. It's one of the most Christian things we can say. What happens if we mess up Plan A? Do we go to Plan B? Does God have a secondary plan for our lives? How about Plan C? Is it... Continue Reading →

A Time to Be Brothers and Sisters in Christ

After my divorce, around the time my boyfriend had bruised my body and broken my heart, but before the time I found the strength to let him go, I hit some sort of rock bottom. I had avoided church for well over a year at that point. I avoided my old friends and my family.... Continue Reading →

A Time to Walk Through the Dark Woods

Much of my life has been lived in a state of grief. Some of it has simply happened, some of it I have caused or contributed to. Divorce. Stepmom-hood. Loss. Depression. Change. Grief is mostly un-fun and it's pain, and avoiding painful un-fun things is sometimes my favourite. So it built up.  It's been a... Continue Reading →

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